Give the Gift of Sobriety This Christmas for Only $100 with Free Medication

Give the Gift of Sobriety this Christmas for only $100, and Get Two Weeks of Medication – Free!

Did you know that doctor-assisted buprenorphine/naloxone treatment relieves addicts from experiencing painful withdrawals and drug cravings? Not only that, Suboxone (and similar Buprenorphine products) also contain a blocking agent (Naloxone) that helps prevent narcotics from taking affect, should someone happen to “slip”.

Why not give your son, daughter, sister, bother, mother or father a fighting chance this Christmas by gifting an appointment at Nashville Recovery for only $100?

Get that special loved one into a recovery program that gives them a fighting chance, be relieving them of painful withdrawals and drug cravings, giving them a chance at freedom that only Suboxone can offer.

We’ll give the patient a two-week certificate for free Zubsolv medication (similar to Suboxone) giving them a fresh start before the New Year. (New Zubsolv users only)

Doctor-assisted medicine, along with a certified addiction therapist. Nashville Recovery offers the finest recovery solutions and programs in the Nashville Area. Come see why our patients love us almost as much as we love them ūüôā

Your recovery is our only concern. Call or text us now at (615) 431-3701.

91 Opioid Deaths Per Day in the US Alone

In November 2017, President Trump declared opiate abuse as “epidemic” in the U.S., thanks to the current average of 91 deaths in per day in the U.S. alone from opiate overdoes. If you, or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, now is the time to do something about it.

Call or text Nashville Recovery at (615) 431-3701 to start a doctor-assisted recovery program without withdrawals or cravings.

Don’t want to see family, friends or coworkers become a statistic? Suboxone treatment is currently the #1 treatment for battling narcotic addiction. Why? Because¬†it works.

Like a diabetic needs insulin, addicts need opioids. Or, they at least need an opioid antagonist. That’s exactly what Suboxone is – an opioid antagonist. Suboxone offers relief from narcotic addiction by eliminating withdrawals, preventing people from getting “high”, blocking users from taking opioids, removing cravings, and allowing most users to return to a normal life.

Suboxone works because it was chemically engineered to work as an opioid antagonist. Suboxone covers the opioid receptors in the brain, relieving the patient from withdrawal symptoms, cravings, desires, tiredness, and allows them to feel “normal” again.

Do Patient’s Get “High” from Suboxone?
Some Suboxone recipients say they feel a touch of euphoria their first week to ten days of use when first starting a Suboxone treatment program. However, this euphoria is often short-lived, leaving patient’s feeling quite normal.

Know someone struggling with opioid addiction? Here’s what it’s like:

“The very first day I took Suboxone, I remember thinking, this is a miracle drug! It was the very first time I’d felt like I did before this mess started. I felt normal again. I remembered how I used to feel – before I took my first pill. Feeling normal is very motivational for me, since you can’t even remember what it’s like when you’re in the middle of it.
Drugs take over and become all you can think about. Do I have enough pills? Will I run out? Who can I call to get more? What do I have to sell or steal to buy enough to not get sick? It’s a vicious cycle that you can’t even see when you’re in the middle. Lying become second-nature. Whatever it takes to get your pills, that’s what you do. No one can understand it unless they’ve been through it themselves. Friends and family think you’re nuts, because you are. You forget what it’s like to care about anything else. I stopped playing music, stopped being a dad, stopped calling my friends and family. Shit, nothing mattered. Nothing. Just pills, pills, pills, and more pills.
I f-ing hated every day of my life on pills, but I couldn’t stop. No one can, not without help. Suboxone changed everything for me. I felt normal, like myself, for the first time in over 10 years. I was able to see again, feel again, love again. My friends and family can’t believe the changes they’ve seen in me in the last couple of weeks. My mom told me she could see into my eyes, and I think she meant I was actually looking back at her. It makes me cry when I think about how sick I was. I owe it all to Suboxone. Without it, I’d probably be dead.
If I have to take it (Suboxone) for the rest of my life, I’m fine with that. I’m getting my life back, and I thought that was impossible – until Suboxone.”
Nashville Recovery patient A.B. – Brentwood, TN

Don’t become a statistic – Call Nashville Recovery today and make the one and only change that works. Nashville Recovery offers doctor-assisted Suboxone therapy including regular visits with a certified addiction therapist and ongoing education.

If you or someone you know is looking to get clean, Nashville Recovery is the best place to do it.

Nashville Recovery
5722 Hickory Plaza, Suite C1
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 431-3701

How to Taper off of Suboxone – Without Going Through Withdrawals!

Do you have a plan for tapering off of Suboxone?

Has your Nashville Suboxone doctor discussed a long-term strategy for helping you taper off of Suboxone?

If you, or someone you know is taking Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone, Subutex, Bunavail, Zubsolv), make sure your recovery clinic has at least discussed a long-term plan regarding your eventual taper off of Suboxone. Maybe it’s 8 months, maybe it’s 5 years. Each patient is unique.

No one wants to be vulnerable to relapse, right? It’s important to discuss a long-term recovery plan that includes a Suboxone taper with your Nashville Suboxone doctor, to avoid the habit of paying a clinic for prescriptions month after month.

Nashville Recovery believes each patient has a “replacement therapy timeline” in which medicine is critical to their recovery. After which, it’s time to consider a long-term Suboxone taper.

Along with recovery meetings, therapy, and perhaps a 12-step program, Nashville Recovery’s goal for every patient is assist them in recovery, and eventually be Suboxone-free.

Both you and your clinic should be working hand-in-hand, creating a long-term recovery program that is multi-faceted. Both you and your clinic should have a goal that includes eventually doing a long-term Suboxone taper. If done correctly, the discomfort can be minimal, without missing work or important family events.

Does my Nashville Suboxone doctor-clinic have my best interests in mind? Or, are they simply taking my money every month?

As Nashville Recovery patient A. B. recently stated: “If your Nashville Suboxone doctor has not discussed a long-term plan that involves you eventually tapering off of Suboxone, then you need to run away as fast as you can and find a new Nashville Suboxone clinic.”

Experience a better type of outpatient narcotic recovery that has your best interests in-mind. Nashville Suboxone Recovery offers narcotic addiction recovery that involves respecting you, creating a long-term recovery plan, and a Suboxone taper.

What about Suboxone Withdrawals?
Tapering off of Suboxone doesn’t have to be painful. While there is some discomfort in weaning away from any narcotic, a physician-guided Suboxone taper can be done over a very long period of time using over-the-counter medicines that ease the discomfort. Nashville Recovery can help you taper off of Suboxone. All you have to do is call.

Call or text Nashville Suboxone Recovery today at (615) 431-3701


Monthly Buprenorphine Injections Sublocade Injections at Nashville Suboxone Clinic – Nashville Recovery

State of the art recovery is nothing new at Nashville Recovery, Nashville’s favorite Suboxone clinic. And, that’s why we’re staying ahead of the curve by soon offering monthly Buprenorphine injections!

Imagine: No having to deal with pharmacies, no worry over running out of strips, pills, Bunavail, Suboxone, Zubsolv, and generic buprenorphine-naloxone medications.

Monthly Buprenorphine injections of Sublocade can eliminate the need to wait on pharmacies to refill prescriptions, elimnate the worry of forgetting to take pills or strips, making a monthly recovery visit at Nashville Recovery the one and only stop needed to live a life free from narcotic abuse.

Stay tuned by following our news and announcements as we pioneer this exciting new benefit that will soon be available to most of our patients!

Nashville Recovery is Nashville’s favorite Suboxone clinic, with a staff of caring professionals who understand narcotic abuse more than most. Our Nashville Suboxone doctors are the finest in the region, tailoring each recovery program to the individual to help them get clean, stay clean, and eventually taper off Suboxone and other replacement therapy medicines.

Become a patient today to be one of the first patients to receive monthly Sublocade injections, and eliminate the need to take daily medications for narcotic abuse.

Your Nashville Suboxone Doctors are at Nashville Recovery

Nashville Suboxone Doctors

Ever considered what it might be like being clean for the holidays? Why not start 2018 clean and sober by starting a program of recovery right now? Your Nashville Suboxone Doctors are at Nashville Recovery, and are waiting to help you in recovery, freeing yourself from heroin, roxycodone, oxycodone, OxyContin, and other narcotics.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then the Nashville Suboxone doctors at Nashville Recovery can provide you with a long-term solution that’s not only affordable, but probably half the cost of what you’re already spending on pills off the street.

Most patients looking for a Nashville Suboxone doctor are spending $1000 or more each month buying pills on the street to maintain their habit. What if you could spend less, be clean, keep your job, save your family, and rejoin the human race again?

A great life is totally possible with the Nashville Suboxone doctors at Nashville Recovery. Call or text (615) 431-3701 to set an appointment this week, and change your life for good.

You don’t have to be “sick and tired” anymore. You just need to take the first step toward a better life by contacting the Nashville Suboxone doctors at Nashville Recovery today.

The Opiate Cycle, Part 2

In part 1 of¬†How One Nashville Resident Beat Opiate Addiction, we read about what many people call, the “Opiate Cycle”. The Opiate Cycle happens when people with good intentions, and often no previous signs of addiction, begin taking opiate medications (Oxycodone, OxyContin, etc) usually prescribed for pain relief, post surgery, root canal, etc., and are then required to taper off, or are cut-off completely. Typically suffering from withdrawals, and having no alternatives left left to obtain the narcotic drugs they’ve become addicted to, they go to the one place where anyone can find drugs – The streets of Nashville.

Current Street Prices for Narcotic Pills
At first, most addicts go to the streets seeking the medicines they’ve already been taking. Typically, these are pills, like OxyContin, oxycodone, roxycodone, and other pain-relieving narcotics. This is where things get expensive for the addict. Current street prices for the most common narcotic medications are at about $ per mg. Meaning, a 30mg toxycodone tablet is probably going to cost around $30. As with all capitalism, people often buy more than one at a discount, of up to 25% depending on volume. Yet, $1 per mg is a good starting point for street narcotics.

Say Hello to Opana
Opana (aka: Oxymorphone Hydrochloride) is quickly becoming the more affordable alternative to oxycodone and especially OxyContin. OxyContin is a slow release drug that is compounded in a way that makes it very difficult (not impossible, however) to crush, snort, and/or inject. Opana, on the other hand, is nearly twice as potent, is fast-acting, and can be snorted and/or injected with minimal effort. And, Opana’s street price is about 60% that of other narcotic pain pills on the street. That not only means it’s a cheaper alternative to people seeking pills in the Oxy-line, but also more dangerous since people are often unaware of just how potent Opana pills actually are.

Getting Back to Normal?
For a while, buying the pills (or, a cheaper replacement like Opana) they become accustomed to whatever works for them and keeps them high, or at least out of withdrawal. Typically, they still have their jobs along enough income / cash to pay rent, put food on the table, and buy enough pills to satisfy their addiction. But then, a change occurs. Typically, this is a consequence of taking drugs like losing their job, their street dealer running out of stock, increasing their dose over time, and in-turn they’ve not only increased the cost of their daily addiction,¬†but are also cut-off due to lack of drug availability, or shortage of cash. Instead of spending $30-$60 per day on street pills, they’ve ramped-up their addiction, sometimes to over $200 per day. These addicts are literally hanging on by a thread. Without their daily fix, they can and do completely unravel in only a few hours.

Heroin – Cheaper, Stronger, and Far More Dangerous
Eventually, either costs or availability becomes an issue. They run out of cash, or their dealer runs out of stock. Having no other options, they resort to the cheapest, most effective means of obtaining the narcotic high they become accustomed to – Heroin..

Heroin is readily available on the streets of Nashville. According to recent article published by news provider WKRN, heroin abuse nearly doubled in less  than two years. The cost of 1g of heroin is between $15 and $25 dollars. The effects last for up to six hours, and it can be snorted, as well as injected.

Sadly, heroin is the last stage for an addict. There is no other option past this one.

Why do People Resort to Heroin? Withdrawals
People resort to heroin due to it being readily available, and relatively cheap. It satisfies the cravings for narcotics, and keeps people out of withdrawals.

Just how bad are withdrawals from narcotics? The best description I’ve heard yet is from a friend in Nashville who describes going through withdrawals like this:

“Withdrawal feels like your body is trying to come apart from the inside out. You can eat, sleep, sit still, pay attention, go to work, or anything else, really. It’s an all-encompassing physical and mental breakdown that feels like death, and you’re willing to do anything, and I mean anything under the sun to make it go away. I drank all of my son’s cough medicine with codeine, asked neighbors whom I barely know if they had any hydrocodone laying around, begged my mother-in-law for some of her pain pills, drove across town to get 1 small pill, and that’s all within an hour on just one day of withdrawals. I didn’t care what people thought of me, nor the consequences. All I could think about was not feeling this way any more, and finding drugs with opiates was the only solution I could think of.”

Talk to anyone who’s experienced withdrawal and they’ll agree with him. Withdrawal is why people break into pharmacies, steal from their friends and family, and do many other insane things they would never do in a right state of mind. The only mission the brain can focus on while in withdrawals is finding relief. People in withdrawal are not in a “normal” mental or physical state by any means. That’s why friends and family are often shocked at the Jekyll and Hyde behaviors addicts often display.

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A+ Wellness Suboxone Clinic Grassmere Business Park A Plus Wellness

A+ Wellness at Grassmere Park on Harding Road in Nashville

Remember A+ Wellness at Grassmere Business Park in Nashville? Off of Harding Road? Well, it’s gone. Like shut down, adios, done for, fit to death…. You get the idea.

A+ Wellness had, well… issues. The reasons are many, but we can’t discuss them on our little ole’ blog here at Nashville Recovery. The good news is, Nashville Recovery is now seeing all of the patients who were previously with A+ Wellness. We’re also providing better care of our patients in order to help them get into recovery, and stay there.

Here’s just a few of the many improvements Nashville Recovery offers that are substantially better than A Plus Wellness (aka: A+ Wellness)

  • Newer, cleaner facility
  • Friendlier staff
  • Phone gets answered every Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 5pm
  • Better pricing
  • Newer pricing options
  • Employees treat all patients with respect, or are released from duty

Our Mission
To be the best Suboxone clinic in the great Nashville area, treat patients with respect, give our customers an experience they won’t find anywhere else. (And, we’re going to do everything humanly possible to achieve¬†these goals)

If you’re tired of being treated badly, hate the way you feel when walking into your current clinic, and are looking for a new, excellent experience, then call or text Nashville Recovery today at (615) 431-3701!

I Got Clean at Nashville Recovery T-Shirt

We addicts take our sobriety pretty seriously, do we not?

We don’t expect too many people will actually wear our brand-new Nashville Recovery t-shirts, but aren’t they just a little funny? (We laugh a little too hard at our own jokes…)

As of November 14, 2017, our t-shirts are on order. If you’re a current Suboxone Nashville patient, be sure to ask for one in the coming weeks and if we have any left, we’re happy to give you one.

While supplies last. First come, first served. Current Nashville Recovery patients only.

Suboxone Clinic Antioch

Your Suboxone Clinic Antioch TN
Nashville Suboxone Clinic – (615) 431-3701

Finding a Suboxone clinic in Antioch TN has not been an easy task – Until now! Nashville Recovery’s newest location¬†is right next door to Antioch at 5722 Hickory Plaza Drive, Suite C1, which is literally a stone’s throw from Antioch.

Nashville Suboxone Clinic phone: (615) 431-3701

Just down the street from Home Depot near I-24 and Old Hickory, Nashville Recovery (aka: Suboxone Clinic Nashville) is THE Suboxone clinic for Antioch, helping also serve Smyrna and Lavergne patients who seek outpatient narcotic recovery solutions.

Whether your drug of choice is heroine, OxyContin, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, Roxycodone, or any other opiate addiction, Nashville Suboxone Clinic is here to serve Antioch, Lavergne and Smyrna addicts with the 3-part treatment they can get ONLY at Nashville Recovery.

Medicine – Therapy – Education

Call us today for a free phone consultation, set an appointment, and start a new life on the road of recovery!

Nashville Suboxone Clinic phone: (615) 431-3701

Next Day Appointments at Nashville Recovery on Nolensville Road (not ABC Wellness)

Next day appointments available. Affordable treatment by a staff who understands addiction to pain pills, heroine, opiates, and other drugs.

You won’t be judged at Nashville Recovery. We’re here to help!

Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) is a daily medication that controls pain pill and heroin cravings, while keeping you out of withdrawal.

We can help you save money on medications as well as get you in the road to recovery in less than 24 hours.

You will feel better the first day you take Suboxone. You’ll return to your job, your family, and love your life again.

Thousands have been helped by our staff of professionals.

Recovery is one phone call away: (615) 431-3107