The Only Addiction Clinic in Nashville with a Custom Recovery Mobile App for Patients

Are you serious about beating your addiction? Are you searching for a way to get clean and stay clean using medicine, therapy, education and technology? You’re in the right place!

Medicine alone does not make a great recovery program. If it did, your family doctor would simply prescribe Suboxone and send you on your merry way. Great recovery requires a plan that includes medicine, therapy, education, and now, state of the art mobile technology that’s available only at Nashville Recovery.

Nashville Recovery is the ONLY Suboxone Clinic in the United States with a custom-built mobile recovery app for our patients. And, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Our new patient mobile recovery app keeps patients connected to the clinic, connected to our doctors, and connected to our therapists between each visit. Meaning, patients at Nashville recovery are ALWAYS CONNECTED to our clinic with tons of free recovery and communication tools that can help prevent relapse and keep people clean. And, by feeling connected to the clinic, patient’s can greatly increase the quality and effectiveness of their addiction recovery.

So Many Cool Tools…
Inside the app is a series of recovery tools that includes a Recovery Meeting Finder, Recovery Meeting Tracker, Appointments Manager, Instant Messaging, Daily Check-in, Tell a Friend, and more.

If you’re looking for “real recovery”, and not just a Suboxone clinic that fills your script and sends you out the door, then Nashville Recovery is your only choice in the Nashville region.

Remember too – We offer weekly one-on-one appointments with our therapists at no additional charge to our monthly-paying patients.

Make the switch today, and get the best addiction recovery in Nashville. Call or text us NOW to secure an appointment TODAY: (615) 431-3701

We look forward to helping you build a new, happier lifestyle that’s free from drug abuse! Call or text today – Get your life back…

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